BFF Duo Pack

RM141.00 RM121.00

At Dirty Benefits, good things come better in pairs. Get your hands on our exclusive 2-in-1 BFF fun pack with two All-Natural Coffee Scrubs at a fab price! Great way for you and your loved one to kickstart fabulous scrub sessions. Or perhaps you'd like to try both our best-sellers?


4 reviews for BFF Duo Pack

  • Felicia Anne November 11, 2017

    I love love love this ! This scrub not only smells amazing, it also helps retain moisture in your skin, unlike many other scrubs which makes skin dry after usage. Thumbs up. Makes your mood a lot better too!

  • There’s this special ‘firming’ effect after the application lol. Love using this in the morning and follow up with moisturiser as it can get abit ‘tight’ after cleansing. You can see the coffee ‘squeezed’ during the application (don’t worry it doesn’t leave on & stain) it’s so fun and definitely the most natural scrub i’ve ever used!

  • Olivia Ong December 29, 2017

    I fall in love with this product.. I use it on my face and i can feel my skin get more smoother and all dead skin cell wash off my skin.. Definitely will purchased this dirty benifits again..

  • Boon Hui January 13, 2018

    Affordable and worth the money spent. The texture is quite fine, not too rough like other coffee scrub. The effect is good too. Feel like there’s a layer of ‘mosturizing oil’ on my skin after use.

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