Floral Foot Soak


This Floral Foot Soak is the perfect end to a long day!

In addition to helping you wind down after a stressful day, this soak helps to ease sore muscles and detoxes skin.

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Key Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Bath Crystal Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Seaweed Extract, Calendula Flowers, Lavender, Dried Rose Petals

Key Ingredients Benefits:
Dead Sea Salt
The high magnesium and bromine content in the Dead Sea Salt is beneficial for antiallergic treatment due to its cleansing and detoxifying of the skin, together with providing smoothness and relaxation.

Bath Crystal Salt
Helps to draw out toxins from the body. Bathing in rock salt water combats water retention, soothes sore muscles, regulates sleep, detoxifies your body and lowers your blood pressure. It is also eases and stress and body pain.

Seaweed Extract
Rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to soothe, soften and relieves irritation. It also protects and maintains skin’s natural balance. It accelerates the natural repair process whilst providing added protection. Seaweed also promotes skin hydration as well as tightening of the skin and has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Directions of Usage: Dissolve contents in a tub or warm water. Soak feet and relax for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and moisturise.

*This soak doesn’t limit to just feet. Pamper yourself in a hot tub with this amazing floral-y soak!

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