Minty Choc Oats


Gentle Facial Scrub

This yummy scrub comprised of Organic Oats and Cocoa might make you want to eat yourself, but you won’t because you’d want everyone to know how fresh you’re feeling!

Product Description

Key Ingredients: Organic Oats, Cocoa, Peppermint Essential Oil

Key Ingredients Benefits:
Organic Oats: Commonly used as a skin-soothing scrub, oats contain a cleansing agent known as ‘saponins’ which helps in the removal of dirt from pores, leaving skin clean and clear.

Cocoa: Packed with natural antioxidants that promote blood flow to help repair damaged skin cells and neutralise harmful free radicals.

Rose Hip Seed Powder: A mild exfoliant to restore a youthful glow by speeding the shedding of the upper layers of skin that can become dull and dry with age or environmental stress.

Macadamia Oil: A luxurious, emollient oil that is highly absorbent, able to restore skin’s natural barrier function and retain moisture.

Directions: Scoop contents onto hands or bowl and add a few drops of water to form a diluted paste. Wet face with warm water and lightly massage scrub onto skin for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and finish off with your usual facial cleanser. Pat dry and admire your soft, baby-smooth skin!


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