Our skin, although known to be a protective barrier, is penetrable to the core!
Sounds sensitive? Because it actually is. We must pay close attention to what we apply onto our skin –
face and body, and going all-natural is the best way to go!

Synthetic ingredients aren’t completely destructive – after all, they were created for our skin anyway –
but some ingredients have been linked to causing skin irritation such as the products’ unnatural preservatives and fragrance.
Not to mention some chemicals found in general retail beauty products are known to be endocrine-disruptive parabens that can cause
reproductive issues and are linked to increased cancer risk.

We suggest you avoid any possible future complications and just hop onto the path of natural skincare!
Trust us, the benefits are endless when you choose the dirtier side 😉

Or if you’re hooked onto your current pharmaceutical products, you could at least
consider giving yourself some natural cleansing from time to time because why not?! Be one with the Earth.